Sneak Peek!!! Magikoopa! (from Super Mario Galaxy)

Published on by Gipi again! Today, I'd want to show one part of the [ton of] secret projects I'm working on! I'm sorry for the beginners,

I've done some easy-for-starters models, but I'm gonna stop for while. Yes, I'm gonna work on harder models! The image you see is the beta version of the next model I'll surely post. The next thing I'll need to improve on is the pose of the right arm (the one holding the magic wand), but maybe it's okay, I'll just verify in the next days the final representation I'll give to it.


This model is 99,99% the actual in-game model. The only edited things are the intersecting parts and some of the textures that were toally messed up and theoretically impossible things in reality, ex.How could the arms go through the tunic?


Anyway, I'm kinda interested into showing some other progress pics later, but for now I'll need to finish to build Fezco's Tonberry that's for my brother-in-law, before to give a boost of working!


Stay tuned! :D

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mjnolasco 01/16/2011 08:24

Dear Sir Gipi I would Like to make your magikoopa.

Yes i Allready have the download link.

Am just having Trouble making it.

So if you should just tell me the enstructions i would be happy.

Please be advised that we will be force to take extreme action.                 Sincerely;Michael joshua

Gipi 01/17/2011 02:32

Oh, dear greetings to you, dear friend Michael.

I don't want to waste my dear short time writing unnecessary words, so I just want to tell directly, and truely, what I'd like to say.

First, I'd like to point out something: I've never, ever sawn somebody as impatient as Mister. It's a lot worse than my impatience toward the 3DS' releasing.

Next and finally, I'd like Mister to read (again?) and integrally, and out loud this post.

Have the nicest day of your life,

                                          The designer of the Model you're so loving,

logo design blog 10/04/2010 17:34

i am a silent reader but I enjoyed reading your post today.It was very interesting & informative

Gipi 10/05/2010 22:56

Thank you really much!

Seb 09/13/2010 08:57

ok, first of all, you know that i do stuff for beginners. im not trying to be rasist, all i wanted to ask is that pipe coz u didnt mension it. i would be intrested in doing it, except only if it
came with a pirahna plant... so i wasnt thinking that much about it... by the way, will u also do the giga bowser thats ALSO there? (ive asked too many questions, but yeah. i just wanna know
ur future plans coz u know how i did thle heave ho? it was my first desgn, and u could have done WAY better coz u were experienced, and i wasnt.)

Gipi 09/14/2010 02:25

I too do stuff for beginners as much for high-skilled papercrafters , but don't do whatever. I think you're not meaning to be racist neither. Me too, I'm interested into doing the pipe with a
piranha plant, but not the pipe itself and only itself. No, I'm not gonna do Giga Bowser because I don't who it is, I,m not interested in it and because I live in the present, not the future! My
mind is in the Magikoopa right now, not it anything else! My projects' order is made, I won't tell to anybody what it is, and I won't change it! 

Also, I wouldn't have done better than you with the heave ho, because I'm simply so not interested into design one...

*Take a big breath* Sorry, I'm just getting a bit frustrated of reading texts without any caps. In my mind, it's like the writer is not serious, like if he would tell a joke. I suggest you to
work on this, so you look more polite on the web. It's only a tip, you can do the ''deaf ear'' and do like if you didn't read this paragraph.

And now, I'd want you to stop asking me what I'll do in the future. What I now answer you: Magikoopa. Nothing else. Magikoopa.

Seb 09/09/2010 08:10

will u also design the about the pipe thats there?

Gipi 09/09/2010 13:29

I shouldn't. I find this boring... I more interest in Mario ennemies and characters.


Sorry if you find this comment is blessing, but I hate random models from video games. I find this one pretty... random. The only not-alive thing I like in papercraft are actually buildings and
dioramas, but I'm not gonna work on dioramas of SSBB nor SMG... ;)

When I see a pipe in a video game, I'm not like ''Oh my god, a pipe! I absolutely want to jump in it!''. I'm more like ''Cool, a coin!'' or ''Yes, a Shine Sprite!'' or ''Nice, a mushroom, I'm
more powerful!'' than this with the pipe or whatever thing we use for one second on Mario 64 or SMG. Some designers' goal is simply to have the biggest number of designs and download that they do
the lamest thing of a video game as a papercraft. I maybe not you, but others... I hope you're not like this, and that you choose wisely your models you want to design.

I hope it says it all: I'm doing what I want.


Seb 09/08/2010 08:42

oh, because there are brawl models on that site... ones that you would like too.

Gipi 09/08/2010 22:49

Oh, yeah! I'll surely design the Goomba and the Bob-omb one day.