(Frequently asked questions)


Q: What is papercraft?
A: Papercraft is a hobby. A paper model is a maquette builded mainly with heavy paper, paperboard or cardstock. It is a mix of origami and maquette. It mainly started to be popular in the early part of the 20th century, during World War II, because paper was one of the few items whose use and production was not heavily regulated.

Since a few years ago, it recame popular. Special Three-Dimensionnal programs allowed to create paper models directly on the computer, and after the template get arranged ,we just need to print it. Also, some people (like me) send downloadable models that others can download and print for free.

Q: What is the .PDO file in the models' download pack?

A: It's a Pepakura Viewer file. You need to open it with Pepakura Viewer. It's useful when the model is hard and you don't know wich piece goes where. Download this program for free Here.

Q: Why Pepakura Viewer?
A: Pepakura is simply the japanese name for papercraft. So, it means Papercraft Viewer.

Q: What is g/sm when we talk about paper weigth?
A: G/sm means Grams per Squared Meter. Bigger is the number of grams, thicker will be the paper.

Q: I see _ _ _ _  and _ . _ . _ . lines on the model. What do they mean?

A: Papercraft works almost like origami, it's just reversed.  _ _ _ _ is a Mountain Fold and _ . _ . _ . is a Valley Fold. See the picture at the right.

Q: What should be the best paper weight?
A: It should be between 100 and 200 g/sm. Normal paper is 75 g/sm. Some people use 120, other 200, etc. I personnaly always use 148 g/sm. The best way for you is to try multiple weights then you will find the one you prefer.

Q: How to papercraft?

A: You can have all information you need Here. (Thanks to Haywan Chiu for the tutorial)


Q: Are all the templates here free?

 A: Of course! Everything here is free. You don't need to pay to get my templates!


Q: I have a Mac and I can't download nor open the .PDO files. What do I do?

A: Pepakura Viewer only works for Windows. You can only read the .PDF files.


Q: How do I extract the .RAR files?

A: To extract those files, you'll need a .RAR extractor. You can get one for free Here.


Q: What does it mean when you say X model is in Beta form?

A: It means the model is finished, but it hasn't been testbuilded. So, it is not necessary the officially finished template.


Q: What is a testbuild?

A: A testbuild is a prototype of the beta model. Doing testbuilds prevent errors and mistakes to be spotted.


Q: One model is in a Beta form. I absolutely want to build one NOW. Can I get it?

A: Of course you can. The only problem that you might get is that you might have important problems and difficulties when building it, but it's only probable. To get the download link, simply contact me.


Q: I have an idea of a paper model. Can I give it to you and you'll do it?

A: It always depends on what is the idea. But send me it anyway! I'll see if I could make it or not. Just try by contacting me!


Q: I've build one of your models and I've took photos of it. Can you add them to the Gallery and the album?

A: Of course! I like to collect beautiful pictures of guests' builds. Just send me the pictures' links via the contact page!


Q: How do I upload my photos?

A: Simply go on ImageShack, upload the pictures, and copy-paste the ''direct links''!


Q: I want an article posted about my build. Can I have one?

A: Of course! You simply need to send me the pictures + a message about funny things that happened while building, why you built it (Gift to someone, for a decoration in my room, etc.), What you like about the model, if it's your first model, etc. By resuming, just a small interesting message.


If you have any question that is not in this page, please send it to me. It will also help this section to grow. For more informations about contacting me, go in the ''Contact'' section.
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