Magikoopa progress album!

Published on by Gipi

DSCN2605I have to admit it, the progress for the Magikoopa is pretty slow. Also, I found a bit useless to make a post every time I'd want to show some progress. So now, I opened an album especially for the Magikoopa!

It shows where I am in the building process. Also, I'll update it every time I'll continue building. And, if you want to stay connected while I update the album, it also has a RSS Feed! 

Still remember that you can get the Beta file while I testbuild simply by contacting me.

Stay tuned!

PS Since I don't really check the quality of the photos, some of them might be blurry. Sorry for not being an expert at photography... I'm trying to improve!

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Jordan 05/28/2011 23:15

Almost finished!

Keep doing!


Gipi 05/28/2011 23:24

Thanks for your encouragements! More is to come! ;-)