Diddy Kong by Esteban1988

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Diddy Kong papercraft by Esteban1988 Diddy Kong papercraft by Esteban1988Hi everyone! I've not sent anything since a good time and it is mainly because I'm working on bigger projects than usual, that I was in vacations and etc...  School will start soon, but I think I'll be able to work a bit more on my secret stuffz...


Anyway, I was surprised to find a message on DeviantArt from Esteban1988 saying that he did my Diddy Kong!! This model was hard for me to build, so I hope it wasn't so insane for him... but since he already built Donkey Kong I think it was as easy as pie for him! He did an almost complete DK family*!


So, I hope that he enjoys his lil' collection of Donkey Kong models and that you're still patient to wait for models! 


For my projects, I'm sorry if it takes a while to finish them, but I always take time to make them the best I can.


Look for other guests' pictures in the Gallery- Yours pictures could also get there! ; )

*Dixie's in my projects...

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