King Bob-omb

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King / Big Bob-omb papercraft“Incredible! You made it this far even without a mustache.”
Big Bob-omb, Super Mario 64 DS

      Here's King Bob-omb! It's a pretty easy model (like the last others I sent) and you can choose between round body (see picture), the more octogonal one (like the hands in the picture), the spherical arms or the tube ones. Enjoy!

           ''Big Bob-omb, sometimes called King Bob-omb, because of his crown, is the king of the Bob-ombs. He's the first boss who is fought in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. Guarding the Power Star, which Bowser entrusted him with, he will not give it up without a fight.'' -Super Mario Wiki


Download Big/King Bob-omb 

Difficulty level: 3/10


Building tips: Use a glue gun for gluing the arms to the hands & the body if you don't place it like in the picture, but don't forget to ask a parent the right to use one or ask him to use it for you!

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chaosjordan 08/13/2010 00:10

Hi !

This papercraft is really beautiful !

It is as great as the n64 one.

Hope you understood what I wrote.

Gipi 08/13/2010 01:51

Thank you really much! I really appreciate your nice comment.  This one was a bit tricky to design because it
was mainly made out of images. Only the crown, the mustache and the feet were 3D!! So it made me practice scratch-modeling on Google Sketchup.

'Hope you like my designs!

Greetings, Gipi

DISSERTATION 05/29/2010 08:21

Great postings



Gipi 05/31/2010 22:48


thepapercraftcouple 04/30/2010 07:10

Wow gipi great job we will definately build this soon

Gipi 04/30/2010 23:57

Thanks! Hoping you a great finish!