Kalimari desert's train

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Image     Here's a fun-to-build model I bring to you today! I built the locomotive with my friend Chaosjordan and we had a lot of fun to build it... I'm sure it'll bring back memories to those who've been dashed again & again by it!

''Kalimari desert's train is a train that appears in the Nintendo 64 game ''Mario Kart 64'' in the Kalimari desert race course. In the course, we need to dodge it or we'll get thrown in the air. A similar train appears in ''Paper Mario'' and is called the K64.'' -Super Mario Wiki

Kalimari desert's train

Difficulty level: 2/10

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nintendude 06/10/2011 04:13

Could u make it a different file format? I cant open it for some reason

Gipi 06/10/2011 23:05

Hi! I've just uploaded the files for you. They will be bigger in size, though.

Kalimari desert's train - Lined PDF

Kalimari desert's train - Lineless

Kalimari desert's train - PDO File

Have fun building!

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