Donkey Kong's treehouse

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''Donkey Kong's Treehouse first appeared in Donkey Kong Country were it is the starting point of the game. The house is rather nice with a picture of sailing boats on the wall and a vase of flowers on a nearby table. As one would expect there is a large amount of bananas in the house, a picture of Candy Kong can also be seen in the house behind a tire.

He apparently has since had many interior makeovers and has a hammock instead of a bed, and has also acquired Cranky Kong's phonograph and a red girder from the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The treehouse also contains several barrels and crates in it, along with old banana peels.

But of course these above items are not actually in this papercraft version ... because ... that would be CRAZY talk!!!''


Download Donkey Kong's treehouse here!

Difficulty level: 4/10

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