Diddy Kong

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     ''Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew who has gone on countless adventures with him. He is a creation of the British company Rareware; but however, he has a Nintendo logo on his hat, probably to signify the publisher of the DK series. The name 'Diddy' is a slang word used in some parts of northern England for 'small', as Diddy is. Diddy has also gone on many adventures by himself and has even starred in his own racing game for the N64.'' - Donkey Kong Wiki

Download Diddy Here!
Difficulty level: 7/10

o increase his balancing, I suggest to glue one or two quarters (25 cents) under each foot. This model was everytime falling, and now it stands perfectly!

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Gris 10/21/2010 22:55

Me gusta!! gracias por el post, subiras màs papercraft¿? me gustaría uno de Tiny Kong =)

Gipi 10/22/2010 13:46

Gracias por este comentario! Si, estoy trabajando en un modelo de Tiny Kong... Solo espera!

Air Jordan 07/08/2010 03:33

Good write-up. It's a to read your blog. This article of your site is exactly fantastic, and your blog structure is Simple generous. This kind of situation looks so beautiful sometimes.

Gipi 07/08/2010 23:39

I simply want to thank you a lot for those good comments.  Loving my hobby, I like to try to spread my words about it, and my love of
papercraft, to others.